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Lesson plans and strategies for Tangerine from Web English Teacher:

The following 30-page unit on Tangerine addresses many standardized testing skills, especially those for the Florida FCAT. It was written by Lorrie Mintzer, the school media specialist at Pahokee Middle/Senior High in Pahokee, Florida. It is used here with her permission: Tangerine Unit For Teachers

Film note: Sean Baker’s indie film Tangerine is not based on my novel Tangerine. It’s quite good, but likely unsuitable for your middle school class. While we’re on the subject, the film Taken is not based on my novel Taken although, coincidentally, both are about fathers and kidnapped daughters.

Lesson Plans for Crusader, courtesy of Jennifer Miskac’s YA Lit students at Christopher Newport University. These plans connect Crusader to four curriculum areas: Health and Science, Sociology and Social Studies, Journalism and Media, and History and Current Events. Click here to download the lesson plans as a Microsoft Word document.

Recorded versions of Story Time and Tangerine:

Recorded version of London Calling: Audio CD – Audiobook