I am far too serious an author to include pictures of or information about them on book jackets. I reserve that space exclusively for my wife, my children, my past employment, my home state, my previous awards, and anything else they want to put on there except dogs. I relegate the dogs to the website, and here they are:

Chloe is a small poofy dog of dubious parentage. We believe she is half Pomeranian. She was abandoned at a gas station from which a good Samaritan rescued her and shaved her to remove fleas. When we took her, we didn’t know if she would grow to be a giant or would stay small. Perhaps due to those early days in the wild, she still kills and eats lizards for food.

Frankie is a pure-bred Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). He should be nipping at the undersides of sheep somewhere in Scotland. Instead, he is nipping at the undersides of Chloe, and our stuffed sofa, and anything else that crosses his path that looks vaguely sheep-like. On the positive side, he will always come if you whistle the TV theme from “Lassie.”

Zhak–RIP October 3, 2007
“A good boy”